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What is News Hub?

News Hub is a social platform to help you effectively and productively engage with your social networks. It is designed to:

Provide timely and relevant Hitachi-oriented information (news, events, thought leadership, blog posts, product announcements, etc.) in a customizable, mobile accessible social content portal.

Save time and effort by providing you features to adapt and share the most relevant content.

Receive notifications of hot news real time.

Access vetted socially-consumable content via both desktop and mobile interfaces.

Here are some top tips to success:

  • To increase your productivity, you can customize the content you see in the tool by selecting your most relevant interests in your profile.
  • Build your reputation by reading the content before sharing and adapting the suggested text in the social post for your authentic voice.
  • Social connections are two-way. Don’t just push content, be sure to listen, reply, develop connections and be part of the external conversation real-time.
  • Think about Challenger Sales! You content should be focused on providing commercial insights to your prospects and customers.

Save this site on your mobile device’s home screen, bookmark it on your desktop and visit often. We know you will find the content valuable! Here are important some links:

News Hub Registration Steps

News Hub Quick Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions or feedback? Contact us at newshub@hds.com

Very truly yours,

News Hub team


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